Monday, March 8, 2010

2010 - A Quick Visit

It has been months since we were aboard, and Spring is now visible on the calendar as well as in the weather. It was definitely time to head north, check up on things, and organize a few Spring projects.

We celebrated the Olympics, viewing hockey and curling (curling?!) in real time and getting the Canadian perspective on the games. Yes, as a proud American I DID show the colors with my US sweater, but respecting ur Canadian hosts we cheered internationally for all of the athletes.

During our time aboard we organized a few major projects, dealt with some routine maintenance, visited with friends, muttered at the windy, wet weather and found plenty of opportunity to go walkabout. This neighbor is a marina regular (my shot, but thanks to the Capt. for the Photoshop work). He's a pretty cool heron, so check him out in full-screen glory (click on the photo).

We're back south at the house again, but thoughts of 2010 cruising fill my brain. If only the distractions of necessary home projects would disappear...