Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cute, huh?

What's with the outfit? It may look strange, but it proved to be effective. Swarms of no-seeums were fierce that day, ready to attack, but we were eager to set off in the dinghy.  The Capt. braved the world with baseball hat and bug spray for protection. Laci and I did just fine, thank you, covered from top to toe as we went fishing and exploring.

A varied diet

Some trip memories are all about the food. Whether it's cooking in my own galley, dining aboard with friends, sharing a potluck at a dock or at anchor, or enjoying a picnic on a hike or a dinghy exploration.  I have many more delicious memories than I have photos, but here are a few pics to share.  

What a fabulous birthday gift... a large grocery sack full of newly picked chanterelle mushrooms. (Thanks Jean and Dave) We enjoyed these treasures for many days in a variety of preparations. My first choice was sauteed in butter and herbs to accompany grilled steak strips. Divine! 

Black rockfish just wouldn't stay off the line one day when the salmon wouldn't bite.  The Capt. brought these back to the boat for seafood something at dinner. 

Check out those teeth! now click on the picture to REALLY be impressed.

Our shrimp and rockfish stew in saffron sauce was pretty tasty... and much prettier than the rockfish before dinner.

An August pig roast at Pierre's in Echo Bay exceeded expectations. We "porked out" on the potluck buffet and thoroughly enjoyed a large serving of the slow-cooked pork. Nope, we won't be trying this at home or  on the boat, but it was mighty tasty. 

My favorite bear cubs

This Petersburg bear sculpture prompts a smile on every trip but the real joy comes with bearwatching in the wild. We spent hours watching these two cubs this summer while they spent countless daylight hours raking the shoreside rocks and nibbling on the loosened barnacles.