Monday, June 9, 2008

Making the miles

Tues. June 3

It usually it takes a day after a storm for waters to settle down, but the 4 a.m. wind and water reports were too tempting to pass up. The captain's routes always have several optional anchorages for us along the way, but we didn’t need them today. Sunshine and long, smooth rollers kept me smiling, and Capt. R loved the 1 to 1.5 knot current push. North of Prince Rupert/Skeena River the drift was impressive! Whole trees as well as low-floating logs littered the surface and hid in the troughs. It was unusual to see an entire tree, upright, floating by. Maintaining log alert while traveling for 10+ hours made for a long day. Distance traveled today? around 110 miles. I know, it sounds puny by land standards, but at 8.5 to 10.3 knot cruise speed it’s a very good day. Fuel consumption? about 80 gallons of diesel.

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