Friday, July 18, 2008

What DO you do?

"What do you
DO all day?" ask non-boating friends. Well, there are sunny day/rainy day preferences, but the real answer is "whatever we want".

When we're traveling we're always looking for black bear, grizzlies or deer on the shore and checking the water for signs of whale spouts. We love to explore new inlets,bays, niches, etc. just to see what's there. Between Petersburg and Juneau we scan for small icebergs. 

There's always the routine of daily life, whether on shore or afloat. Some days the Capt. is deep into maintenance, fixit or improvement projects. Laundry, cleaning, shopping and cooking show up on my activity list. We find a lot of time for the fun activities like salmon fishing, crabbing, prawning, shoreside explorations and hikes, socializing and games of Mexican Train with other boaters, photography, reading, just looking at the scenery and enjoying SE Alaska, cooking...

Cooking? it's still in the top five of my list of favorite activities. I am the sourdough queen this year with bread, English muffins, pancakes, waffles, pizza crust, pretzels and crackers coming out of the oven so far. Salmon favorites have been the Captain's barbecued with special sauce, garlic/butter/lemon baked and lox. Crab and prawns are best quick-cooked and peeled or cracked at the table, though pickled shrimp disappear fast as snacks. Gotta keep active or we'll be sporting a few extra pounds soon.

Okay, I'm having photo issues today so you have to imagine the rest of the shots." The server is not responding" is the latest message explaining the latest hiccup.

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