Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring: part 2

April was a busy month aboard, upgrading some systems and and repairing a few others. Rhapsody now sports a new Espar heater in the salon, one new head (toilet) and another improved, and three nicely refinished/reworked wood panels in the pilothouse. The captain also worked through his lengthy checklist of things that keep the boat and two dinghies running. This involves more fluids, hoses, clamps, tools, activities, parts and pieces than I care to list.

I took inventory of ship’s stores and built a detailed shopping list of items (1) we’ll need between Campbell River and Ketchikan and (2) larger quantities of heavy or specialty items. For example, mango chutney wasn’t available in Petersburg when I needed some last year, but lingonberry jam was ONLY available in Petersburg. And who wants to lug 10 pounds of flour and coffee plus other groceries in a backpack during a rainstorm on the half-mile trek from the grocery in Ketchikan back to the moorage in Bar Harbor? Not me!

A five-page Excel spreadsheet (the purchase list) kept me busy shopping and then there was the fun of storing everything and recording its location. We’re stuffed to the gunwales and ready to cruise.

Sociability is also part of spring outfitting and we love reconnecting with CR friends and chatting with other cruising boaters. Thanks for your hospitality and it will be our turn to host in September.

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