Thursday, July 16, 2009

NOT kidnapped by pirates

Sitka, Alaska July 15, 2009

You may have noticed a lack of 2009 entries… so what happened to the blog on this cruise?

* unprecedented good weather led to excessive playtime

* we cruised for weeks at a time in remote locations with no wi-fi access

* we had fun guests aboard and spent time cruising, not in town

* in town the cruise ship traffic jammed up cellphone and internet access

* sporadic inertia - no excuse for that!

* weak wi-fi access that dropped connections during photo upload

* did I mention fun in the sunshine instead of blogging on gray days

Enough with the excuses, we’re having a ball on this cruise and I haven’t posted even a tiny bit of what we’ve seen or done or who we’ve spent time with. My apologies to anyone who has checked the site to see where we’re at or what we’re doing. Whenever time/internet/ambition/the planets all line up just right, I’ll transfer my journal notes and some of the hundreds of terrific photos to the blog for you to share. Until then, we’re enjoying the 2009 Alaska cruise to the max!

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