Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chapin Bay

July 5-7
 Chapin Bay is the best (most protected) anchorage along Frederick Sound. It’s also notable for an unusual hole-in-the-mountain rock formation above our traditional anchorage. 

On several previous trips we’ve tracked a cinnamon-colored grizzly bear as he grazed his way along the rocky shoreline. Intent on his foraging, he pretty much ignored us as we trailed him in the dinghy. One year we were surprised by a lone humpback whale cruising on the surface inside the bay, circling the boat. When you’re anchored close to shore in a shallow bay that’s a big surprise.

This year there were no whales circling and no bear grazing. While fishing outside the bay we finally did spot five humpback whales across the channel, and later saw a grizzly feeding on bear grass in nearby Eliza Harbor. 

We'll settle for a quiet stay in a scenic anchorage, but spotting wildlife is always a welcome bonus.

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