Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Outfitting

Storm clouds moved in on a typical Spring day in Campbell River, just one of many storm fronts to roll through between glorious moments of blue sky and warmish sunshine. This was a day to work on inside projects. 

Spring outfitting ashore might mean buying some new clothes, or maybe exchanging dark winter accessories for brighter, more colorful items for the home. On a boat spring outfitting is more like Spring cleaning. It means getting the vessel ready for cruising, checking out systems and equipment, provisioning, removing all signs of winter layup and the opportunity to clean, clean, clean.

Many activities are scheduled by calendar days or hours of use, all recorded on the VMS (Vessel Management System). VMS is a computer program that tracks the maintenance schedules for things like zinc replacement, oil changes, filter replacements, periodic bilge pump testing, safety checks, etc. After eleven years of use the Capt and VMS have fine-tuned the project schedule for Rhapsody.

Spring fix-up activities have shown up all around the harbor. New, colorful signage went up for dockside businesses…

 …and even the local feral cats spiffed up in the sunshine.

The scheduled projects are moving right along, but “Surprise!” We now have a slight delay, waiting for the delivery of a part for a new, not scheduled fix-it project. It’s always good when repairs happen in town, at a dock, with mechanics and UPS service available. (Dee’s note: I enjoy the extra time for more walks ashore and visits with our Campbell River friends.)

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