Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Red Bluff Bay

August 11-12: Red Bluff Bay

Fog and low clouds made whale watching a bit challenging, but we counted four whales on the cruise south along Baranof Island's east shore. The mountaintops and waterfalls surrounding Red Bluff remained hidden for most of the first day, peeking out one at a time as the clouds rolled through from the west.

Drat! Skunked again crabbing for Dungeness, though we may have found a snow crab nursery. Prawning was a bit more successful, with around 50 critters in two pulls. Though not plentiful, they were very tasty!

Highlights of Red Bluff include kayaking, spin casting for salmon and the on-going search for bear. For two days we watched bear roam the estuary to graze on tall grass along the shore and riverbank. One memory that lingers is a grizzly chasing salmon at the river’s mouth. He splashed along the shallows at low tide, romping, even swimming after those fish, catching one after another and ignoring our presence.

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