Sunday, May 23, 2010

Classy Cushions

Dave T. of Class A Interiors has crafted classy upholstery for our pilothouse settee. The old unit, covered in powder blue faux suede, had come to the end of its days. Worn, nubby and shredding in spots there was no question the fabric needed replacing. It was also time to rethink the color scheme.

The color shown in the photos barely hints at the rich, buttery warmth of a hue somewhere between cream and butterscotch. It complements the feature strips in the teak and holly flooring, and makes both the table and the cherry wall paneling look especially rich in tone.

What an improvement (and it's finished!)


  1. I like it ALOT. Looks very comfy. Are we still allowed to eat fresh crab up there with all that butter though?


  2. Nothing gets in the way of crab feeds - but we might start wearing big bibs! LOL

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