Saturday, May 22, 2010

Putting on the Shine

We did spend a lot of days watching wood dry, and now we’ve moved on to watching varnish dry. Don’t laugh, we’re talking progress here. Today Wood Wizard Dave applied the fifth coat of varnish - only five more to go. In warm, dry weather it’s possible to apply two coats a day, but cool temperatures have slowed drying time and limited us to only one coat per day. Except for the days when the winds are so blustery they stir up the yard dust and blow it under the shed walls and through the vents. Then Dave applies zero coats per day. Dust is not recommended when you varnish, so we wait. 
Teak boards can range in color, from light honey to deep brown. The patterns on an individual board might vary from a tight grain to a wide spaced zebra-like striping. It’s an exacting art to blend color-matched tints, and then apply them with a fine brush to improve on nature’s graining, or even disguise light-colored caulk or filler lines. This calls for a good eye and steady hand.

It’s going to be so pretty!

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