Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Weather

Be careful what you wish for. June 20 arrived, the official start of summer, and I was ready for some dry, warm weather. Cool and gray is fine, but warm and sunny is better. I can’t help it, I’m still a California girl at heart and thrive on an occasional hit of sunshine.

Days passed and then BAM! Two long days of humid, 85 degree+ sunshine hit like a hammer. The creosote on the dock planking softened and bubbled up, coating lines, bumpers and the soles of everyone’s shoes. No-seeums and black flies buzzed about and bit.  Projects slowed as people sought relief in the shade. Then it was over, a 30-degree drop in the daytime recorded high reminded us that it was SE Alaska and gray and misty is the norm. Today’s high temperature will be under 55 degrees, and that’s just fine. Now about the mist and the fog…

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