Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Antenna Project

The big March storms proved too much for our VHF antennas, snapping them both and wiping out our ability to use the VHF radios. We depend on VHF for safety and distress issues, weather reports and general communication so this was a must-do repair project before we could leave the harbor.  Here's a brief look at the effort.

Photo:Two storm-snapped antennas

Photo:a bit of wire pulling on the upper deck

Photo:a lot of wire inside cabinets, under flooring, etc.
Photo:One antenna connected, one more to go!
Technician Tim from Sea-Com Marine Electronics brought skill, experience and humor to the boat as he and the Capt. installed the antennas and dealt with all of the wiring and connectors. The  VHF radios are functioning again. One more project checked off the list.

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