Thursday, May 31, 2012

Water Taxi as Nursery

I've written before about our dockside neighbor, Way West Water Taxi, and the colorful people and interesting freight they transport every day. Recently it was the colorful freight that caught my attention. Truckloads of nursery plants were unloaded in the parking lot, wheeled down the ramp in hand trucks or carried by hand. Load after load of pots, flats, hanging baskets and trees began to pile up. This colorful mix stacked along the main dock waiting for a packing wizard to figure out how to fit this large volume of squishable cargo inside a small space. I felt certain it would take more than one workboat to carry that quantity of nursery stock. The main dock was so well decorated that I hoped it would take several days.
Photo: plants hung overhead, filled the seats, aisle and luggage racks
But no, the plants kept disappearing into hatches, into the cabin, into spaces I couldn't see. In no time at all the dock was empty, not one bit of landscaping left. How do you fit truckloads of plants into one workboat??? I went to the Way West website and read about 5000 lb. payloads and large storage capacity, but that still seemed like a lot of nursery stock to fit into one boat. Magic perhaps?

Photo: Dave doesn't look worried, he knows it will all fit... somewhere
Photo: there was plenty of room for plants, passengers, luggage, freight, a driver and a dog

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