Thursday, May 24, 2012

Seen Around Town: the Garden Center

Anne planted my 2012 herb pot

When you can't bring an entire garden onboard it helps to have a pot or two of plants to brighten things up. This herb pot holds rosemary, cilantro, Italian flat leaf parsley, dill and oregano - flavorful herbs that will certainly brighten up our dining in the months ahead. The herbs will benefit from the long hours of sunlight as we cruise farther north, and will typically have more than enough rainfall to keep them happy. Indoor planters hold geraniums for color and a tub of basil to keep the cook happy.

I could spend hours wandering the grounds and greenhouses at the Campbell River Garden Center, wishing I could have one of these and these and more of those... This nursery offers happy plants, so healthy and well tended you can almost see them smiling. I did stroll around while Anne cheerfully potted up my selections, noticing that staff and customers were smiling too. What is it about plants, flowers, sunshine and Spring that boosts our spirits?

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