Sunday, May 20, 2012

One or Two More Projects...

Our official To Do List is in constant flux. Whenever one project is finished, it seems another project joins the list. Setting priorities is important, but some things are really controlled by the availability of parts and technicians. Today I'm celebrating several recent successes...

An onboard Splendide combo washer/dryer has had issues over the years, and they always occur when we're remote, really far away from a big city or easy supply chain. This was the year to install a new and improved combo model. Easy to say, but there were none available in B.C. at a price I wanted to pay, during the week I wanted delivery. Bill Howich RV and Marine stepped up to the challenge. Rick H. located a Splendide in Calgary and arranged for quick shipment to the boatyard. Rosemary answered my frequent questions and even hand-delivered the invoice. Ocean Pacific carefully handled removal, plumbing adjustment and installation inside a tight space. Now that was excellent customer service from all parties
Photo: Rosemary poses with the new Splendide.
Photo: Splendide plumbing & vent pipe located in a tight space
The retractable 360-degree scanning sonar unit failed to retract while we were out of the water. Wizard electrician Todd disappeared deep down into a below-deck compartment and diagnosed the problem... something about a failed lifting bracket and broken motor shaft. Our sonar is an older model, no longer manufactured, so the parts chase must have been interesting for the Ocean Pacific parts department. Essential pieces were located in Woodinville, WA, not too far from our shoreside home, but that didn't help us in Campbell River. The morning after the parts arrived, Todd quickly had the sonar repaired, extending and retracting just like new again. 

Capt. Ron installed a new bilge pump in the aft lazarette. While he was hanging out below deck he also rewired the oil transfer pump and rerouted the wiring on other components. The newly drawn wiring diagram is quite impressive, like something out of a set of blueprints or an official troubleshooting manual.

No celebration yet on:
2 wind-snapped antennas (communication essentials)
1 dead 1-year old Dell computer (navigation essential)

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