Thursday, May 3, 2012

Back Aboard... again

We're back aboard Rhapsody, at the dock, in Discovery Harbour Marina in Campbell River, on Vancouver Island, B.C. It feels good to be afloat once again, even if we're weeks away from cruising. This week has been a scramble of stowing "stuff" that we brought with us and organizing "stuff" that we had put away for winter storage. Cleaning, organizing and checking out systems are an essential part of Spring outfitting, essential but they don't count as fun. That comes next. We do get to stretch out muscles and limber up after a less-than-active winter. This year we can add some extra clean-up and fix-it activities to the list, the result of several ferocious storms in the area. 

We haul out at Ocean Pacific Boatyard this morning so I'll be brief and get back to posting in a day or two. Right now I'm delighted to be back on board, even as we're heading for dry land for a few days.


  1. Helloooooo there. Lovely to see your recent post, that you are back "on board"....G. will be occupied in the Fla. project for at least 2 more mo., so no sailing for this gang for the present moment. Best wishes for good prep and heading out. warm regards from us. Louisa and Gabriel (and Inky of course).

  2. A quick p.s., checked your word, that storm was wicked. Hope Rhapsody gets "tuned" up all right. L & G


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