Saturday, July 14, 2012

In Between Openings...

...some seine boats hang out at Baranof Warm Springs. 

Here's the sight that greeted us as we arrived at 0730, a dock packed full of boats that were rafted 3 and 4 deep. No room for us this early, so we anchored across the bay. 

Shortly after we anchored, a few seine boats began to leave. We raised our anchor in record time and moved over to the dock. 

Baranof is a popular spot with working boats and cruisers alike. While fishermen are here at the dock or on anchor, they can enjoy the hot pools at the top of the waterfall, fish in the lake, soak in the shoreside  tubs, or work on boats and equipment. 

Although some boats left in the morning, several others remained to finish essential projects. There was some heavy net repair work going on. A whale (more than one??) had cruised through a deployed net, causing major damage. The torn net had to be recut, reshaped, whipped together and rewoven to salvage a workable solution for the next day's salmon opening. 

Whipping two lengths of net together

There's a lot of net to piece together.
The stitching may not be pretty, but it works.
With floats and lead attached, this net looks ready for action.
Look closely at these "oars" - red ice shovels do double duty.

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