Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Finally... the Coho are Running

All season long we have heard "the fish are late". Reasons (or guesses) ranged from the believable " the water is still too cold so they stayed offshore longer", to the more fanciful "the hatchery-release of fish had been devoured by whales 3 years earlier", or... Whatever! The reality is that fishing was slow earlier in the spring. Fish were caught, but not in great numbers. But now, oh my, the coho are returning in BIG numbers and it's Fish On!

Photo: a fine catch of coho salmon
Photo: cleaning the catch takes time
Photo: JS demonstrates his fast filleting technique
Photo: these coho fillets are destined for the barbecue
Photo: Save that carcass for crab or prawn trap bait!
RL loves the fishing, and I get pretty excited about netting a big salmon. Note: I'm even more enthusiastic about the cooking and eating that follows.


  1. I'm so impressed with your travels on and around the water. Your blogs relating food, travel and at home are terrific. I'm happy to have found your blogs through your posting my pozole for SRC. The coho looks amazing-lucky you to have them fresh!

  2. Lynne, thanks for the compliment. I'm delighted that SRC introduced us to each other's blogs. Your photos are gorgeous!


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