Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Seaplane Trip

Our Alaska cruise ended weeks earlier than usual this year as we returned for a scheduled haulout at the shipyard to rework the finish on the teak caprail. Well-finished brightwork is beautiful, the jewelry so to speak decorating a vessel, but  ours needed work, a lot of work. While the boat rested in a shed up on the hard, I flew south for several appointments and a few house projects. 

I traveled via Kenmore Air in a deHaviland Otter, flying from Campbell River, B.C. to the north end of Seattle's Lake Washington in 2.5 hours, and that included a brief stop in Nanaimo. That was tons more fun than driving for 6+ hours to get home. My return flight was even more fun, landing at 3 locations in Desolation Sound to drop off other passengers before depositing me back at the seaplane base on Tyee Spit. Refuge Cove, Manson's Landing and Gorge Harbor look so different from the air, small patches of development dotting the many islands that pepper this coastal area. Omigosh, I love seaplane flights, especially ones with 5 take-offs and landings! 

Photo: Seattle and Puget Sound on a sunny morning

Photo: Puget Sound islands look so different from the air.

Photo: Mt.Baker rises above the clouds.

Photo: A Canadian mountain range looks young and jagged.
Photo: Busy Nanaimo Harbor
Photo: Taxiing into Campbell River at Tyee Spit

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