Thursday, August 1, 2013

Troup Narrows Cove's a Crabby Place

We stopped at the dock in Bella Bella to buy a new battery for the RIB and fill the water tanks. The burned-out building at the head of the wharf stands as a stark reminder of the fire that destroyed the Band store, a bank and a liquor store. While the various insurance companies deal with the coverage details, groceries are now available a short block away at a local church. Boats were circling and standing off the town dock, waiting to tie up or fuel, so I didn't stop to shop. Maybe next time.

Troup Passage was a busy place, full of prawn traps, crab traps and a surprising number of boats.. These were reminders that we were close to town again. RL chose a quiet spot to anchor, away from the populous south cove, and we enjoyed hanging out and crabbing. (Note: I hung out and he did the crabbing.) Troup was Crab Central! The daily catch limit for Dungeness is 6 males, with a total possession limit of 12 per license. We could have legally kept 24 of those tasty critters, but settled for 10 big boys in 24 hours. Big? how big? I'm talking Big with a capital B, as in in several over 8 inches Big. That's a lot of crab meat. RL made quick work of cracking and cooking the catch. I took forever picking the meat out of the cooked and cooled crab, but it wasn't much of a chore working outside on a warm, sunny evening afloat. 

You're welcome to come on by for some crabby appetizers.

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