Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Lake Bay

Lake Bay
Day 18                         30.0 nm

This quiet, protected anchorage has such a different appearance at high tide vs. low tide. Most of the inviting little coves turn to mudflats at low tide, great places to explore in dinghy or kayak, but not so great for anchoring. We anchored in the usual spot mid-bay in 35' of water, launched the skiff and tested two new shrimp pots. This effort yielded very few critters, none of them dinner-worthy. Total catch = 1 small crab, 1 small shrimp and a handful of really tiny shrimp. Blame it on poor choice of bait and location, surely it wasn’t a failure of the new shrimp pots.

Years ago we did a dinghy tour of the area around Lake Bay and wondered about the history behind a colorful old homestead and log barn, hidden away near the backwaters of a quiet waterway. We returned this year to find it abandoned and falling to ruin, with windows broken out, roof beyond repair and an outbuilding collapsed. 

The old cannery on the point is gone, remaining only in the location name of Cannery Point. A few rusted implements are scattered along the shoreline, visible at low tide. The ruined buildings and artifacts are markers of history, I suppose, soon to disappear and be forgotten.

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