Friday, June 6, 2014

Wrangell Narrows

Duncan Canal to Petersburg
Day 21                    34.5 nm

Photo: Jagged, snowy peaks signal Petersburg is just around a corner... or two 
Sun shining though an overhead hatch woke me before the 0400 alarm had a chance to ring. The Capt. had planned an early start, scheduling us to catch the end of a flood tide with a favorable current through the 24-mile long Wrangell Narrows. This narrow, twisting, dredged waterway is a main route connecting Sumner Strait and Frederick Sound and carries a lot of interesting traffic, commercial vessels as well as pleasure craft. On this transit we met sailboats, fishing boats, powerboats, an Alaskan ferry and two tugs guiding a log raft around the various bends and channel markers. Of course we met the largest vessels in the narrowest turns, just to keep things interesting.

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