Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Icebergs... well, bergettes

Check out how much of this iceberg's mass is underwater!
It happens every year, somewhere near Petersburg I am surprised by the presence of icebergs floating down the channel. Sometimes, way off in the distance, they look like an entire flotilla of skiffs, all clustered together like participants in some chilly fishing derby... nope, just icebergs. Occasionally they are beached, caught along the shoreline when the tide falls. This week there were just a few small bergs, peacefully bobbing in the calm water of Frederick Sound. 

I love the colors that hide deep within the ice, brilliant blues, greens and all shades in between. The technical explanations of light absorption, refraction, prisms, optic this and that are interesting but it's really all about the color. Color and shapes. 

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