Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cannery Cove, Pybus Bay

June 30-July 2
Cannery Cove, Pybus Bay, Admiralty Island

We haven’t been here in several years, so it was a treat to find our preferred anchor spot available. Better yet, four grizzlies wandered the estuary several times, grazing on the bear grass along banks of the river channels. The large sow and her three cubs appeared only at low tide, which meant we couldn’t get very close with the skiff or kayaks (or cameras!). I discouraged Ron from hiking along the shore to get within good camera range - grizzlies can run incredibly fast and you don’t want to annoy a mamma griz!

Three deer made occasional appearances, remaining very wary while they grazed the grass along the river bank. 

The Capt. donned his heavy duty gear to stay warm and dry while he cooked crab. I wimped out and chose to shell crab in the galley. We cruising cooks are delicate, you know. (grin)

The bears kept their distance, low clouds and fog hid the surrounding mountains, rain beat down incessantly and then the wind came up, driving the swells from Frederick Sound into the cove. It was time to move on.

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  1. You are missing the picture of the garlic butter that went with the crab. YUMMY!!!! Oh how I miss Alaska.


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