Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lets Go On A Bear Hunt... With Cameras

July 8
Appleton Cove

Our 0518 departure from the Baranof dock felt really early, but it was worth it to enjoy more time at anchor in Appleton Cove. We spent most of the day in the skiff, cruising along the shore and looking for bear. We found a few. Oh yes, we found some bear.

As Rhapsody entered the cove we spotted one large grizzly grazing in the beargrass on the far shore. He slowly ambled back into the brush and disappeared. A second sighting, or perhaps a second bear, came just after we picked up another couple for a bear hunt. This grizzly was cautiously aware of us, nervously moving away when the skiff engine was running. He seemed more comfortable with our presence when the engine was off, calm but aware.

Click on this photo - doesn't he look like a cuddly teddy bear?
Maybe not so cuddly after all.
The end. He's out of here.
After several hours of bear watching we returned to the big boat to review our photos… and saw two more bear at our end of the cove. Forget the projects when bear are nearby. We hopped back into the skiff to spend a few more hours enjoying the antics of this new pair. 

Grizzlies eat a LOT of grass.
Cruising along the rocky shore.
Making tracks for the underbrush, this pair traveled fast.
Now that was a beary good day!

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