Saturday, July 23, 2011


July 9-13
Looking south in Crescent Harbor
There are so many things to see and do in Sitka, so many that we can’t begin to do them all in one visit. We always find time to walk the several harbors and check out the boats, large and small. 

Two colorful vessels in Crescent Harbor
We manage at least one long walk to town for an historic tour and photo shoot.

St. Michael's Russian Orthodox Cathedral

2011 was also our year to revisit the Totem Park, a 113-acre National Historic Park at the southeast end of town. It holds an amazing collection of Haida and Tlingit totem poles, displayed in a natural setting. You just happen upon them while hiking the park's loop trail. Most of the totems are replicas of 100-year old originals, though several old poles are on display inside the park's visitor center. The old poles are well-preserved in a museum-like setting, but we chose to visit the standing totems scattered throughout the woods. Weathering shows in fading paint and softening of the carved figures, and the poles seem to belong in  amongst the towering Sitka spruce and hemlocks. 

The shrimp/prawn at the bottom of this pole seems unusual.
 In the midst of this quiet forest...

... it was startling to turn toward the water and see a cruise ship at anchor and an Alaska Airlines jet ready for takeoff across the channel. 


  1. Wonderful to follow this years' trek. Big hug to you both.

  2. Louisa, Thanks for the virtual hug. You added some much-needed sunshine to our day.


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