Monday, May 19, 2014

Farewell Harbor to Takush Harbor

Day 2                                    71.0 nm

More logs and fog began the day. Radar is a valuable tool when traveling in fog, but AIS identifications shown on the computer navigation screen were also helpful in dealing with traffic along our route. One big round meatball of a blip on radar was ID’d by AIS as the Coral Princess, a large cruise ship that would throw a heavy wake as she passed close by. A quick tap on the VHF radio brought up her course and speed, useful data in planning an evasive maneuver. By the time she overtook us, we had crossed to the far side of the channel, traveling where her wake was considerably flatter. Back to radar watch to avoid a scattering of small fishing boats out working the early morning bite.

The fog lifted and we enjoyed blue sky and flat water until Cape Caution where the chop suddenly grew ugly and chunky. Continuing on around the cape, we passed Egg Island in steep-sided, closely-packed 4’ chop with breaking whitecaps on top of ocean swells. We pitched and rolled our way into Smith Sound, heading for the calm water inside Fly Basin, Takush Harbor, for overnight anchorage. Where are the other cruising boats?

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