Thursday, May 15, 2014

One Last Thing

The hull sparkles, the provisions are stowed, the tanks are full and the ship is almost ready to depart. Oh, you were alert and noticed the "almost" that sneaked into the first sentence. Today, while refueling, RL spotted a split o-ring on a fuel fill-pipe cap; definitely not a good place to risk water intrusion. 

Three marine parts suppliers in town were out of stock in the required size, so we'll wait for a replacement to arrive in tomorrow's morning delivery at Daigle Marine. This will seem light-speed fast after our recent week+ delay with a DHL "express" shipment. 
Update 5-16-2014: Cancel the hero badge for Daigle Marine. Our o-rings did arrive this morning as promised, but the wrong size had been delivered. Oops... sorry... new ones available in 4 days. Well, I don't think so.  
Instead CRES (Campbell River Equipment Supply), an independently-owned NAPA store, came through for us with four 2-inch fuel cap rings, just what we need for a replacement and three spares. We should have started with CRES instead of messing around with marine stores! 

What a welcome treat to work in warm, sunny weather while washing the boat this week. We didn't miss the usual prewash and rinse assistance from B.C.'s typical Spring rainstorms. Less of a treat were the complaints of aching muscles, unused to all of the sudden stretching, twisting and scrubbing exercises. It happens each Spring, but every year I forget until it's too late. Ouch!

One, just one, hardy herb pot is planted and in position high on the boat deck, ready for Spring's lengthening hours of daylight to spurt new growth. Thank you, Beth at Campbell River Garden Center, for planting this fine garden. I'll think of you when I harvest some of those all-important flavor enhancers. Did you notice the small area of bare dirt in the pot, an invitation to stuff in just one more plant? Despite all warnings, I added one small peppermint plant to the pot. I know it's an ill-mannered bully, battling its neighbors for root space and nutrients, but this year I'll try root trimming to force its aggressive roots to go deep instead of wide. A tall, rangy spearmint plant sacrificed its tops for an experiment in root-sprouting in a vase of water. Can you tell that we love fresh mint?

Two bright red geraniums and three sweet basil plants will flourish inside in a salon window as we cruise. They might move outside when we're at anchor, when it's warm, and if it's not raining too hard. What a pampered life.

Soon we'll head north, with no set schedule and the cruise plan dependent upon winds and currents. Wi-fi accessibility will determine the timing of the next post, but I'll be busy photographing the highlights of each day. Let the adventures begin!

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