Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Western Weekend: Cattle Penning

The second event of the afternoon was Cattle Penning. I'm a city girl, but here's the task as I understand it. 
  • Self-selected teams of three riders work together to
  • sort and separate out three critters with an assigned number from the rest of the herd, 
  • move them to the opposite end of the arena,
  • hold them there, and
  • pen them... no other-numbered cattle allowed. All this within a time limit.
Sometimes the cows had other plans. Cows (yes, cows, they're all cows to me) are herd animals. They really wanted to hang out together, trying their best to rejoin the herd whenever they were isolated. Cows can be sneaky, waiting to make a break for it until the riders are focused on working other critters.

We saw some impressive horsemanship and horses in this event.

Lots more photos to share, but this gives you a brief look at the event. We loved our adventure ashore, but it's time to get back to boats and cruising.

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