Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Day Away: Part One

Coombs Country Market

We declared a holiday from boat projects on Saturday and ran down island to visit the Coombs "Goats on the Roof" Country Market (link) and check out the Western Weekend action at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds. Black clouds, intermittent rain squalls and wind gusts along the way threatened to spoil our fun, but the weather cleared before we reached the Alberni Highway turnoff. 

We missed the goats, they were still out in winter pasture, not scheduled for rooftop living until next month, but the market did not disappoint. Oh my, what a market it was, the size of a small village with various shops housed in separate buildings. I headed first to the greengrocers  to admire the gorgeous fresh produce and buy some apples for a lunch snack. 

Then we headed straightaway into the largest of the market buildings. Instant visual overload! Everywhere we looked there were treasures to tempt shoppers of all ages... really, everywhere... floor to ceiling! 

We circled the interior, wandered every aisle, gazed at every display and were stunned at the array of grocery goods, delicacies from around the world. Perhaps not all were delicacies - Guy Fieri sauces?! 

With too many choices and no shopping list, I gave up and settled on a jar of French grainy Dijon mustard, then headed off to the deli meat and cheese case. I found delicious sausages, spicy jerky, and maple-glazed smoked salmon bits that were altogether too appealing to ignore. Several more packages joined the picnic lunch box. An in-house bakery, visible through windows above the shelving bustled with activity, and the well-stocked pastry cases drew an enthusiastic crowd. Croissants, savory meat pies, sausage rolls, cookies and pastries, fresh breads and rolls - ooh, how I wanted one of each, please. 

RL enjoyed a waffle cone of peppermint cheesecake ice cream, but my icy fingers and toes declared it too cold a day for that treat. Plants in the garden shop showed signs of spring, but today's 40-something degree F. temperature felt more like winter. 

Forget the picnic idea, it was time to head to the rodeo grounds where we had spotted a sign advertising Texas barbecue. That should warm us up.

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  1. I suppose this could have been a Road Trip post, but we only travelled an hour and a half each way. That's hardly far enough to qualify as a road trip, but it WAS a world away from the marina.


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