Monday, April 28, 2014

Western Weekend : Obstacle Course

Memories of our fun-filled visit to the Coombs Rodeo Grounds are still vivid. What a happening place! We arrived in time for a hearty, flavorful Texas barbecue-on-a-bun for lunch, pulled pork and coleslaw for me and brisket for RL. Local resident and participant Lauren welcomed us to his picnic table and explained the afternoon's program of events. 

The arena was full of action even before the official events began... just a little "horsing around." Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing that in. 

The first event was an obstacle course of 12 different challenges for horse and rider. Each participant had 2-minute or less for a timed run, with 0-4 points awarded for each obstacle attempted. One by one, the riders chose their own routes through the course, though occasionally it was the horse that made the final decision. Nate, celebrating his 9th birthday, was the leadoff rider of the talented group lined up to run the course. 

Check out some of the other obstacles in the course.

Rope the wire calf
Walk a fixed bridge and then this teeter-totter
Jump the logs
Jump some barrels
Travel through bags and brush
Hay bales mark the entry to the water hazard
The tire maze calls for careful footwork
Load the horse in the trailer, but don't ride it in
And that's just a portion of the action. Next came the cattle penning, but that's for the following post.

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