Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sea Otters keep their distance

Do sea otters know the exact distance at which my Canon requires a tripod to insure good focus? Those cautious little critters with their cute, whiskery, grandpa-like faces manage to keep just far enough away from the boat to be out of range for a quick handheld shot. When the otters have occasionally swum close to the boat, they immediately roll over and disappear underwater at the slightest noise or even a hint of motion on my part. Drat! I’d forgive them for eating all of the crab in the bay if they would just drop by for a closeup.

Kalinin appears to be a summer residence for two pair of otters, a mother and youngster duo as well as an adult pair. Here’s a glimpse of one of our elusive neighbors, my latest otter-at-a-distance photos.

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