Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Evening Grizzly Show

Polite conversation typically involves steady eye contact between participants… except when you’re at anchor in an active wildlife area. Then it is (or should be) accepted practice to frequently scan the water and shore for signs of activity. Last night, gazing only into each other’s eyes, we might have missed this gorgeous grizzly work his way along the shore. He moved quickly from one grassy patch to the next, pausing occasionally along the way to poke around rocks uncovered by the falling tide. Looking for crab perhaps? A beaten-down path above the high tide line gave evidence of frequent travel over the same route. Grizzlies are omnivores, gaining most of their nutrients from grasses at this time of year, and this bear appeared to be an efficient mowing machine. His lush coat and overall plumpness indicated a healthy appetite and a plentiful supply of greens. 

Photo safety note: my long lens makes the bear and the skiff look a lot closer than they actually were.  

It was late in the evening and low light levels plus the motion of the boat and the distance to shore presented some photography challenges. There was no time to waste with this photo op; RL threw on his rain jacket, grabbed a camera and fired up the dinghy to motor closer to the bear. I remained on board Rhapsody, comfortable in my robe and slippers, and enjoyed an hour of bug-free viewing through binoculars, darting outside of the pilothouse occasionally to grab an occasional long-distance shot of the Capt. and the bear. RL’s closeups are much more impressive!

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