Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Sneaky Eagle in Seaforth Channel

Salmon fishing at Idol Point was slow and a little uncomfortable as we rocked and rolled in choppy water. The first hour produced one hit that didn’t set the hook and one scrappy rock fish. Ron reeled in the smallish fish, planning to release it when whoosh! An eagle performed an extreme power dive, swooping down to the water right in front of Ron. Still moving, it grabbed the fish and flew away, speeding skyward with fish, fishing line, lure and 15-inch metal flasher still attached. The reel screamed as line flew out, stripping off rapidly despite having the drag set. Ron grabbed the knuckle-buster reel, ouch!, tightened the drag and jerked the pole, stopping the bird’s escape and jerking him out of the sky. Splashdown! The eagle released the fish and flew away but continued to circle overhead while Ron reeled the fish up to the dinghy again. Once released the fish sank and that opportunistic eagle lost interest and flew away. No more fish, no more eagle, no more drama. No problem. We do have quite a memorable fish story.

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