Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crazy Ivans and Bottleneck Inlet Crab

Day 8     Bottleneck Inlet

Dee had another “Crazy Ivan” moment while switching the autopilot from one route to a waypoint on another route, resulting in a wild course swing. That’s two in two days, we definitely don’t need a third. We reviewed the procedure and stepped through the process again… cautiously… Dee at the controls with the Capt. supervising… and worked out the issue. Aha! I get it now. In the future we’ll I’ll change routes with less potential for excitement. No more “Crazy Ivans” for Dee.   (If you have read or seen The Hunt for Red October you’ll understand the reference.)

The Dungeness crab in Bottleneck Inlet must have been hungry this month. It didn’t take long to catch the daily 6-crab limit of these big boys, even with minimal bait. Mmmmm, the first crab of the season seems especially tasty, so loaded with rich, sweet flavor that it doesn’t need any sauce or fancy accompaniments. Later on we’ll enjoy indulging in crab enchiladas, crab quesadillas, crabby eggs Benedict, crab bisque, crab salad, crab pizza, crab cakes, pasta with crab, crab dip etc. Whatever the preparation, fresh crab is worth the effort it takes to clean one… or two… or six. My favorite? all of the above, just so it's fresh-caught, just-cooked Dungeness crab. 

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