Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hunt Inlet

August 29
We saw 8 whales on the run to Prince Rupert, 2 of them repeatedly fin-slapping the water, but all at a distance as we crossed Dixon Entrance. Binoculars came in handy, but I'd rather have changed course to whale watch at closer range. Well, maybe not, since it was a long, big-water crossing. 

We cleared Canadian Customs by phone at a dock in Prince Rupert, but chose to keep on moving and anchor out south of town. Hunt Inlet was a convenient and protected spot, nothing special, but the late afternoon light on the trees caught my eye. It was pretty dramatic, don't you agree?

Our closest neighbor that night was the Canadian Coast Guard Cutter, M/V Kitmat II. 


  1. Wow, that is a fantastic lighting shot in Hunt Inlet. Looks like Fall lighting though.


  2. Wow, great lighting at Hunt Inlet. Looks like Fall time lighting though and yet it was only August, right?


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