Thursday, September 16, 2010

Klemtu, a Kitasoo Village

Photo: Shoreline reflections in Jackson Passage. Rotate 90 degrees and you can almost get a totem effect

September 1-2
Klemtu is located on Swindle Island, one channel west of our usual route down the much larger Finlayson Channel. We paused briefly at the Klemtu fuel dock in 2000, but had not been back since. On the 2000 trip we didn't seem to pass up a fuel dock anywhere (fast boat, gas engines, short range). 

This year we found space at the village dock and enjoyed our two days there, meeting people and noting some of the changes in town. For starters the two large cranes that greeted us on approach were hard to miss... visually that is. The new ferry dock will support the Port Hardy-Prince Rupert ferry run, with a weekly stop during the good weather portion of the year, and every two weeks during fall and winter months. 

Photo: 1 of the 2 cranes in place to build the new ferry dock

The new longhouse/big house is well-sited and visually stunning, providing an attractive welcome to the village.

Photo: the Big House, with interior poles carved by Junior Henderson

Photo: View across the harbor from the dock

Tourism is an increasingly important economic focus in Klemtu.  Take a moment and click here to link to their Spirit Bear site. Enjoy the video and catch a glimpse of the rare Kermode bear, the Spirit Bear, a black bear that is white. They are not albinos, but carry a genetic characteristic that causes one black bear in ten to have a white coat. 

Eric and Trish (M/V Great Bear II), of Ocean Adventures Charter Co. were also at the dock. We enjoyed their enthusiasm and information. Their website has some terrific bear photos, and whale photos, and ... and it makes me want to improve my photography skills. I'm certainly ready for a return visit to the area to look for Kermode bear.

No special reason to include this photo here, but doesn't he look salty?

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  1. Seeing him up top makes me miss my time on the boat. The clouds in the background, the gentle rocking of the boat. Oh, it sounds heavenly right now.


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