Thursday, September 16, 2010


photo: the peek-a-boo view of outside waters from inside Kisameet 

What makes a really good anchorage? We talked about this last night and came up with a partial list of desirable features. 

1. It is bombproof, protected from all winds and not subject to williwaws
2. It has room enough to swing without requiring a shore tie
3. The bottom is sticky, with good holding power
4. It has a serpentine entrance, so outside swells don't enter
5. There is a view to water conditions outside the anchorage
6. There is good VHF weather radio reception
7. There are no surprises, like uncharted rocks, reefs or ledges

... and I am sure the Capt. had more to add, but I fell asleep. Optional items on my list would include a waterfall, scenic beauty, entertaining wildlife and so on. Optional, but nice.

Kisameet is one of the anchorages we visit each year that nicely meets the above criteria. Well, except for the captain of one cruise ship who had an issue with #7, though his surprise was over a charted rock. The NTSB report of the grounding and sinking makes for interesting reading.

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