Saturday, June 25, 2011

Behm Canal, North Arm

June 17-18
Forss Island Float, Helm Bay in Behm Canal

We ran to Neets Bay, hoping to find some good salmon fishing. Instead we ran log-watch exercises in Behm Canal, bumped through choppy water and saw no fish on the fishfinder. Zero. Zip. Nada. None. Another boat occupied our pre-selected anchorage, so Phooey! we retraced our route somewhat and headed for another new-to-us location, Forss Bay, not too far from Tatoosh Is. We did see one bear on the way out of Neets.

We arrived at Forss Island in a drizzle to discover 2 small boats at the state float, with plenty of room for us and more. It’s good the Capt. checked the depth and the tidal range. The -3' tide the next morning certainly changed the landscape. We did just fine on the outside of the float, with the depth sounder reporting 9 feet under the keel at low water. However the inshore side of the same float was too shallow for comfort for Rhapsody.

The Blair family welcomed us with friendly Alaskan hospitality, and generously shared their crab catch and some freshly-made crabcakes with spicy sauce, still warm from the stove. Yum! They had booked the Forest Service cabin for several days, so we visited on the float and on the boat.

Our fishing expedition yielded no salmon. No problem, we’ve got crab and lox to work on.

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