Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whales at the Dock

Humpback whales inside Ketchikan Harbor - click on any image to view it full size
I’ve grown accustomed to the sight of eagles swooping and soaring past the salon windows. Cruise ships frequently fill up the view out the harbor entrance. All types of boats cruise past our slip as they enter and exit the harbor. But tonight, as we lingered over a glass of wine after dinner, two whales came to call.

The Capt. first noticed the smooth surfacing and then the blow of the first whale, soon followed by a second humpback. RL grabbed his camera and raced up to the boat deck; I reached for my Canon and ran outside to the aft deck and then the dock. There was no time to don rain gear, but who cared? Whales! In the harbor! In 36 feet of water! And so close to the boat!

Schools of herring massed, dimpling the water as they rushed about in the main harbor channel. The whales might have followed them in… or not. We enjoyed four whale surfacings as the pair quietly circled the water between our stern and the rock breakwater. Suddenly they were gone. Wow, that was a treat, and some of the easiest whale watching ever - and this time we have a few photos to share.  

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