Sunday, June 12, 2011

On to Alaska

The Tree Point Light, an Art Deco classic, is a welcoming beacon to Southeast Alaska.

June 10
Lowe Inlet to Foggy Bay

It was an easy run up the Grenville Channel, with sunshine and positive currents pushing us along throughout the day. The conditions were too good to pass up, so we continued on across the waters of Dixon Entrance and crossed the border into Alaska. It meant another long day of cruising, but we covered a lot of miles. This may have been our fastest and smoothest crossing ever. U.S. Customs/Ketchikan granted us permission to overnight at Foggy Bay before we officially checked in at the dock in Ketchikan. Once again a very low tide dictates entrance/exit times through the narrow channel leading into the inner bay. So we get to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s short cruising day, and a weekend in town with a terrific grocery, cell phone and internet connections. Hopefully the replacement iPhone 4 will be waiting for us at the Post Office. Maybe the HotSpot device will work as well. Maybe. (Note:It underperformed!)

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