Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ketchikan weekend

Sunday, June 12

I’m sitting at a deli counter in Ketchikan's Safeway store, about a half mile away from the boat. The picture window in front of me frames the boat traffic in Tongass Narrows; cruise ships, coast guard vessels, power boats, sailboats, fishing boats, skiffs and even the ever-present float planes taxiing along. The view is interesting enough to make me forget the rainy walk to get here, today’s closest internet access. Note: The harbor office said they do have wi-fi in the harbor, but we’re not moored where we can receive it. Something about being at the end of the pier, surrounded by steel-hulled boats… whatever! Note to self: Walks are healthy exercise after nine days afloat. 


  1. Hello there, we've caught up on all your recent posts. Hooray for the travel, the intrepid engine room inhabitant, the beauteous Rhapsody allowing for the occasional silly raven to rest, and the communications officer faithfully reporting. Fair Winds and Weather. We'll be watching. Louisa, Gabriel and Inky a/k/a BlackWhisker

  2. Louisa -thanks for leaving a comment. The "communications officer" enjoys knowing that someone reads her posts. :>)
    Hopefully we'll find you somewhere in BC on the return trip. Fair sailing.


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