Monday, June 7, 2010

Back Afloat

We're out of the boat shed, out of the boatyard completely, and back in the water. It feels terrific, and improving weather forecast helps the overall attitude too. Launch day weather began pleasant enough and then turned gray and wet - do we always moor or anchor in the rain? Maybe it just seems that way, but we certainly needed the rain gear this time.

We watched an imposing, dense rain cloud approach as Boomer removed the front wall of the shed. The closer we got to our launch time, the darker the sky became. And then it poured, as if on schedule.

Rhapsody's bow looks so imposing when she's out of the water. Big, but pretty.

The boat certainly filled a lot of shed space, but Gilbert had no problem picking her up and then maneuvering the big TraveLift around the crowded boatyard.

We're heading back afloat, who needs sunshine?

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  1. Yikes, I would be nervous with my boat in the air like that traveling along.



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