Thursday, June 24, 2010

Foggy Bay, AK

Day 5: 103 nm

In the early spring Grenville Channel hills typically wear coats of snow, trailing down almost to the shoreline. We humans would be sporting layers of long underwear, fleecy sweatshirts and probably raingear. By mid-spring multitudes of waterfalls usually carry the torrents of snowmelt waters down to the channel. But today it’s summer, I wore short sleeves and our passage was warmer, greener and well, somehow dull. Note: dull can be good when it reflects a total lack of interesting logs, drift, kelp balls, etc. along the route.

With today's positive current push and really flat water, we motored on up the Grenville and past Prince Rupert. Then we bypassed the anchorages south of Dixon Entrance, choosing to put in another long day and have that big-water crossing behind us. Once across Dixon it was too late to safely travel on to Ketchikan, so we anchored in Foggy Bay. Tomorrow we’ll officially be in Alaska. It’s time to set the clocks back, and slow down the travel for the next few months.

Passing vessels added some interest and color to the overcast, gray-day run up the Grenville Channel and across Dixon Entrance. 

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