Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lowe Inlet

Day 4: traveled 102 nm

Photo: Jackson Passage, provincial park and home to a large, successful fish farm.

We slept in till 0530… woohoo. Overcast and drizzle slowed the daylight wake-up response a bit. Departure was delayed until Jackson Passage had enough depth for anxiety-free transit. Jackson’s s-curve at low water slack is navigable but not fun, so we had another cuppa and waited, choosing to deal with a bit more current and a lot more water.

The Jackson Narrows were no problem, though we did thread our way between beds of kelp, cruising close enough to some boulders to count the purple and orange starfish. Three humpback whales blew and dove while they fed along a current rip line in Finlayson Channel. They weren't close enough or active enough to warrant a photo stop, but a whale sighting is always welcome.

Grenville Channel offers a series of good moorages along its length, each one with some unique feature to enjoy. We chose Lowe Inlet, with its lovely Verney Falls. Three boats were already anchored directly in front of the falls, so we dropped the hook around the point in a quiet nook. Lowe is such an attractive anchorage that we always have company here.

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