Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rescue Bay

Day 3: traveled 100 nm

Photo: the view from the boat, anchored inside Rescue Bay

Daylight woke us well before the 4:45 buzz of the alarm clock.  Conditions were perfect for a run around Cape Caution, Queen Charlotte Strait, the first exposed crossing of the trip. Light winds produced little or no chop, well-spaced 4-ft rollers were no challenge, and once we reached the sheltered east side of Calvert Island even the rollers disappeared.

Five minke whales cruised along the Addenbrook Light/Koeye River shore (Fitzhugh Sound, Hakai Pass region), showing briefly on the surface as they traveled. Spray from their blow was visible first, followed by curving backs and an occasional tail flop.Minke don’t leap, slap or fin like the humpback or orca, but any whale watching is a bonus.

The long 13-hour run ended in Rescue Bay, which has become a regular stop on the trek north. Ron did some adjusting to the chain pipe tube, and then it was another early evening. 

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