Friday, June 25, 2010


Day 6: 35 nm

Morning gifted us with daylight an hour earlier (time zone change), and a -1.5’ low tide. This was another morning to wait for more water in the channel before we could safely exit, so we chatted with 2 kayakers from a neighboring boat and relaxed… patiently… watching the water rise… ever so slowly. 

Early mornings are a terrific time to grab the binoculars and scan the shore for wildlife. This morning we saw one lone deer, browsing the new shoots on low-hanging branches, and a large, sandhill crane gliding around the rim of the bay. Only one crane was visible but many more were audible, chorusing in the background. They have such a distinctive, raucous squawk. 

Eventually the water rose, we departed and cruised on to Ketchikan. Nobletec (the navigation software) hiccuped a couple of times along the route, giving the Capt something to keep this leg of the trip interesting

Ketchikan Customs agents always greet us like family returning home - what a welcoming committee, though I miss Officer B. Jones' smiling face (transfer to another station). Now it's time to visit the post office for forwarded mail, purchase Alaska fishing licenses, do a tour at the grocery and come up with a float plan for the next week or two. 

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