Monday, July 22, 2013

Hurricane Island, Queens Sound

We backtracked about twelve miles southwest from Kisameet to run through Nalau Passage outside into Queens Sound. Outside travel took us north along a rugged coastl that felt wide open to the ocean. Low swells and minimal wind made the trip a scenic treat in the lee of some low, offshore islands, but when we traveled in more exposed water the stabilizers were much appreciated!

Storm-tossed logs littered the water and the shoreline for mile after mile, stranded until a super high tide or strong swells set them afloat again. These floating hazards are much easier to spot when sea gulls hitch a ride.

A cove at the southern tip of Hurricane Island was the overnight choice for Rhapsody and Jericho. This island was named after a WW II fighter plane, as were several others in the area.
"During the early years of the war when these islands were still unnamed, Canadian and U.S. pilots were based at Shearwater east of Bella Bella. As the pilots began flight patrols over the coast they gave names to each island to help identify coastal checkpoints--Aircobra, Spider, Spitfire, Mosquito, Lancaster, Kittyhawk, Typhoon, etc. all legendary airplanes used in the Battle of Britain." (Douglass)
Our "bomb-proof" anchorage had room for several boats, and we had a few neighbors anchored nearby. It's nice to have a little company when you travel outside waters.  

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