Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Windy Travel

Nanaimo Harbor to False Bay, Lasqueti Is
High wind warnings continued; NW winds smacking into opposing strong ebb currents made for rough water in Georgia Strait on the run north. False Bay on Lasqueti Island offered a comfortable anchorage with calm water for an overnight stop between Nanaimo and Campbell River. A passenger ferry from Vancouver Island services this small island community twice daily, but during our stay we counted more deer than people around the shoreline.

One large old waterfont estate captured our attention, its shabby, weathered exterior and sagging steps presenting a sad contrast to an intact shingle roof. Was this a lingering work in progress? or perhaps a suspended restoration attempt? What’s the history of this once grand house and its inhabitants? 

False Bay to Discovery Harbor, Campbell River
I was totally awake at 0230, anticipating the 0330 wake-up alarm and ready to get moving. A rising wind stirred the water inside False Bay, creating wavelets that rocked the boat with increasing vigor. We pulled anchor and departed in early light at 0430, eager to reach Discovery Harbor Marina. Once again strong winds and some interesting currents created changeable conditions. Speed over ground ranged from 5.7 knots, intentionally slowed to minimize pounding in choppy seas, to 11.6 knots, pushed along in smoother water by a favorable current.  

How windy was it? windy enough that a seagull decided to land and grab a free ride on our bow, pausing to rest and entertain us for a few minutes with his nonchalant attitude.


  1. So happy u r back cruising and Rhapsody is all "decked out" in her new finery!

    1. Thanks, Diane. Is Channel Dancer cruising northern waters this year? and are you blogging?


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